Monday, April 8, 2013

Chikin-Drippin #48: Ink Hyena

Nothing like a little scratchiness with the crow quill to clear my head after a long day of work. Who knows, maybe I'll take this piece further.

Chikin-Drippin #47: DJ Goat Legs

DJ Goat Legs commissioned me to do his logo. He said he was alright with a little weirdness... so I did my thing.

Aaron Hollander 2013
Chikin Fat 2013

Chikin-Drippin #46: Work In Progress- Death, Greed and the Devil

Much fun is being had working on this image, much fun indeed. work in progress, check back soon for updates!

Chikin-Drippin #45: The Girl with the Purple Hair

This image is the largest thing I have produced in almost a decade. I have a whole bunch more waiting to be finished... Needless to say, I'm pretty excited! Acrylic & Mixed Media on White Oak Panel Aaron Hollander 2013 Chikin-Fat 2013

Chikin-Drippin #44: MONOLITH Shirt 2 - Version 2